Welcome from Archbishop Hosam Naoum

Welcome to the website of the Diocese of Jerusalem. I hope you will find it informative and interesting, and I encourage you to engage with our work and mission here in the Middle East.

The Diocese of Jerusalem covers five countries or territories and is home to almost thirty parishes. Our healthcare and education ministries are active and growing across the region with the provision of hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, and schools. Alongside these ministries the Diocesan Peace and Reconciliation department continues to work at strengthening the interfaith dialogue with our fellow Jews and Muslims. Our affiliated Kids4Peace and Jerusalem Peacebuilders programs in turn strive to educate the next generation in a language of tolerance and acceptance.

These ministries serve to sustain and strengthen our Christian presence as we teach respect and concern for all people, bringing hope to many, regardless of faith, where the light of hope is often dim. With a dwindling church membership due to emigration caused by local strife and economic hardship, the ministry here has more than the usual challenges. The maintenance of the historic Arab Christian presence, the “Living Stones,” is vital therefore to the future stability of the region as we put our faith into action “loving our neighbors as ourselves.”

As part of the worldwide Anglican Communion, the Diocese of Jerusalem welcomes the support and prayers of all. Come and visit us, become Ambassadors for peace, tell others in your church communities about our work, and remember us in your prayers. If peace is possible in Jerusalem, peace will be possible across the world.

Join us in our mission.

You will always be welcome.

The Most Reverend Hosam E. Naoum
Anglican Archbishop in Jerusalem