How to Support our Ministries

Thank you very much for your prayers and for your interest in financially supporting the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem. We invite you to explore tax-deductible options through our following international partners:

  • U.S.A – The American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem:

  • U.K. – The Jerusalem and Middle East Church Association:

  • Canada – Canadian Companions of the Diocese of Jerusalem:
  • Australia – Anglican Board of Mission:

The Diocese of Jerusalem can also accept personal checks. Make checks payable to: The Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem. To restrict fund for a specific program or institution, please make a note in the memo field or include a letter indicating your preference.
 Please post to:

The Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem

P.O. Box 19122, Jerusalem 91191, Israel

Mark the envelope: “To the Attention of the Chief Accountant”

The Diocese of Jerusalem also accepts payments by bank transfers. Please contact for wiring instructions. Once you have received these, we ask that you inform us that a transfer is in process and how you wish your donation to be used, whether for the Diocese in general or for a specific institution or program. Be sure to include your return address, by post or email, to which we can send the receipt and thank-you letter.

 Thanks for your support!