The Diocese of Jerusalem sponsors twenty educational institutions for some 6,400 children. Spread throughout four of the five Middle Eastern countries or territories of the Diocese, these institutions include: mainstream primary, secondary, and vocational schools; centers for children with special needs; and fully integrated schools that include both populations. All stress shared values of good citizenship, mutual respect, and peace. At the present time, our diocesan schools are at the forefront of educating the leaders and peacemakers of tomorrow. By offering admission to many who are not otherwise able to afford such services, these schools offer hope to poor and marginalized families throughout the region.


St. Luke’s Rehab Center, Beit Mery, Lebanon

St. Luke’s is a both a rehabilitation center and a boarding & day school that serves students with a wide range of cognitive disabilities. Located just outside of Beirut, the center serves about 50 children and young adults, with most of the students coming from poor families. At St. Luke’s, they receive education and care at no cost to the family. The center’s highly trained teachers and staff teach a full academic curriculum, utilizing adaptive learning technologies. All students participate in vocational training programs, including carpentry, computer skills, sewing, cooking and gardening. The center also maintains a beautiful vegetable garden that supplies the center’s kitchen. Most recently, St. Luke’s obtained machines for the making of fine chocolates, which are then custom-wrapped and sold to eager customers, with all proceeds going towards the benefit of the Center.

The Venerable Imad Zurob

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