St. Saviour Episcopal Church, Acre, was first dedicated in 1947 to serve a congregation of 500 Anglicans in this ancient Crusader city on the Mediterranean coast. Sadly, the church was closed within a year when the War of 1948 led to most of the parish fleeing the city as refugees.
Thanks to the leadership of Archbishop Suheil Dawani and the support of many throughout the Diocese and from around the world, St. Saviour was rededicated by Archbishop Suheil on February 21, 2017 before a packed church that included His Beattitude Theophilos III and other Ecumenical leaders, as well as Anglican clergy and laity from around the Diocese.
Tonight, Archbishop Suheil, Bishop Hosam, and Diocesan clergy joined the congregation in celebrating the fourth anniversary of the church’s reopening.
Located a mere three blocks from the beach, St. Saviour sits in a prime location to witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ to local residents and visitors alike. Plans are on the drawing board to build a parish hall on the property that will also include street-front retail shops so that the rent collected can help advance the church’s ministries to the local community.
And so we congratulate Fr. Emad Daibes and his congregation on this fourth anniversary of their rededication, praying for God’s blessings upon them as they continue their Christian mission in the city of Acre!