The Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem



March 25, 2021
Christ Church Nazareth 150th Anniversary.

 On this Feast of the Annunciation, Archbishop Suheil and Shafeeqa

, Bishop
Hosam Naoum
, and Diocesan clergy joined Fr.
Nael Abu Rahmoun
and the congregation of Christ Church Nazareth in celebrating the 150th Anniversary of its founding in a heartfelt Service of

It was a particularly momentous day for this special observance since, with the pandemic restrictions largely lifted after more than a year, this majority Christian city as a whole was finally able to celebrate its biggest local feast day, which marks with great fanfare and solemnity the Annunciation to Mary of God's chosen favor upon her by the Angel Gabriel (Luke 1:26ff).
It was a triple celebration for the congregation of Christ Church, for they have also been able to move back into their historic building after the completion of six month's worth of renovations, resulting in the sanctuary being restored to pristine condition.
Congratulations to Fr. Nael and his entire congregation on this day of special commemoration! May God bless their ministry in the hometown of our Lord during the next 150 years and beyond.

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