The Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem

St. Matthew’s Anglican Episcopal Church, Zababdeh

Reverend Saleem Dawani
Email Address:
Mobile: +970 (0) 52 461 8175
Jawal: +970 (0) 59 939 6800
Te no.l: +970 (0) 4 251 0127
Fax no.: +970 (0) 4 252 0484
Postal address: P.O. Box 7, Zababdeh, Jenin, Palestine
Our ministry in Zebabdeh, in the Northern West Bank.

MINISTRY: To preach the Gospel to all people through our words, deeds, and ministry of healing represented by the Penman Clinic which we operate in the lower floor of our Church building. To provide help and support to needy families. To provide ‘hopeful’ activities, like piano lessons, for children.


VISION: To continue to build and strengthen more partnerships with people from around the world to help combat the poverty, suffering, and loss of hope which is leading our young people to leave in search for a more secure future.





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