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Al Ahli Arab Hospital, Gaza

Director: Ms Suhaila Tarazi

Administrator: Ms Samira Farah
Medical Director: Dr Maher Ayyad
Postal address: P.O. Box 72, Gaza, Palestine
Tel no.: + 972 8 2818405
Fax no.: + 972 8 2818406
Mobile no.: + 972 (0)5 997 477 03
Al Ahli Arab Hospital is located in Gaza City and occupies a beautiful campus in the city center. With well-tended grounds, it is a haven of peace in the middle of one of the world’s most troubled places. The political status of Gaza affects all aspects of life here because of restrictions on movement of materials and people in and out. Electricity, medicines, food, fuel, and personnel are all restricted to some extent. However, Al Ahli Arab Hospital continues to provide some of the finest medical care available in the region. For example, Ahli runs completely free of charge a program for early detection of breast cancer among women above 40 years of age. Two programs deserve special mention: the center for elderly women and the mobile clinic program which twice weekly provides free medical care and food to people from surrounding towns and villages. In a land where hardship is commonplace, the conditions in Gaza stand out, but Al Ahli Arab Hospital generates a beacon of peace and hope for the people it serves.
Mission: The Ahli Arab mission is to glorify God and bear witness to His love as manifested in the life of Jesus Christ.   Ahli Arab Hospital is doing this through the provision of high quality patient centered health care services, and maintains the financial viability of its operation. The hospital offers to serve all who seek treatment without prejudice to any religious or ethnic community and irrespective of social class, gender and political affiliation. These services are delivered in a spirit of love and service
Ahli Arab Hospital recognizes the value of its staff and volunteers and promotes equal and compassionate treatment with dignity and respect to all.
Vision: To continue providing the finest medical care possible under the most adverse circumstances  to the marginalized and vulnerable poor people whose livelihood are threatened by the effect of human-made disaster, with special attention to the refugee and the poorest of the poor.  The hospital is committed to building people’s capacity and competence alongside the development and maintenance of an adequate standard of diagnostic and clinical services
PRAYER: O God of wholeness and healing, we lift up the staff and patients of the Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza. Strengthen and guide the Management and all the staff as they treat the poor and injured. Bless the patients who receive care with Your healing touch. Give us a renewed awareness of the blessing of health and grant us the courage to support the caregivers in their work.
Activities: The hospital has a capacity of 80 beds of which 50 are used. The occupancy rate is around 78.60% and it offers treatment in the departments of:
·         General Surgery
·         Internal Medicine
·         Emergency and ambulance services.
·         Orthopedics.
·         Ear, nose and throat.
·         Urology
·         Gynecology obstetrics.
·         Out patient clinics (for most specialties)
·         Free medical missions to the poor twice weekly.
·         Specialized free clinics for chronic ill elderly women.
·         Free care for burn injuries and underweight or malnourished children.
·         Psychosocial support for communities and individuals.
·         Capacity building for Ahli as well as other health providers staff members.
·         Training programs for graduate and undergraduate youth.
·         Food and commodities to the poor
Monthly Statistics:  3500 outpatient visits, 400 inpatients, surgeries 300, lab 2800 tests: radiology examinations:  608

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