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St. Luke’s Hospital, Nablus

Director: Dr. Walid Kerry

Postal Address: P.O.Box 47, Nablus, West Bank

Tel no.: +972 (0) 9238 7751
Fax no.: +972 (0) 9237 7752

St. Luke’s Hospital in Nablus is aptly named for the Christian evangelist, gospel writer, and physician. It is a general hospital of 60 beds that provides general and subspecialty medical and surgical services; intensive care; general and subspecialty outpatient clinics; rehabilitation; obstetrics; and neonatal intensive care.

Established more than 100 years ago, St. Luke’s was one of the first hospitals in the Nablus area and continues to assert a fresh and vital presence. A new emergency and trauma center is being equipped to establish its place in the area as a major injury and trauma referral center. A new neurosurgery program has begun to provide another needed service in the area. In addition, recent restructuring and reorganization will enhance programs in urology and orthopedics and ensure that the hospital adapts to the changing needs of its patients.

But the commission of St. Luke’s extends beyond its medical services by providing a prominent Christian presence in an area where few Christian families remain. In Nablus, which has seen some of the most difficult times of the past 40 years, this compassionate presence brings stability and balance to a complicated political environment and further enhances St. Luke’s place in the community.


MISSION: Enhancing the healthcare of our Palestinian community with our newly equipped emergency room, general and sub-specialty medical and surgical services, intensive care, outpatient clinics, rehabilitation, obstetrics, and neonatal intensive care. To serve needy patients and to offer jobs for those people with certain disabilities who cannot find work elsewhere.


VISION: Renovations, essential upgrades and backup for erratic electricity delivery with a hospital USP. Update medical and surgical wards with vital equipment. Upgrade the laundry with new equipment. Obtain necessary medical tools for diagnosis and surgical preparations, like a CT scanner, MRI, etc in order to provide the complete range of hospital services and avoid having to transfer patients to other facilities for needed care.


STATISTICS: Bed capacity, 60; Operations, 48; Inpatient visits, 7632; Outpatient visits, 14277; Deliveries, 1512; Surgery, 2618; Lab Tests, 33029; X-Rays, 10020



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