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The Ahliyyah School for Girls, Amman

Superintendent: Mrs. Haifa Najjar


School Head: Mrs. Alice Abboud

Postal address: 2035 Amman 11181 Jordan
Phone: +962-6-4649861
Fax: +962-6-4621549
Aiming at human growth and progression toward the wide horizons of education and enlightenment.

MISSION: We, at the Ahliyyah School for Girls, strive to provide for our students a quality education that helps them grow into empowered human beings who work on realizing their potentials through being active lifelong learners; reflective and critical thinkers who maintain a high degree of emotional intelligence and adopt a strong humane set of values; knowledge creators; initiators of change; responsible and productive citizens, aware of their cultural heritage, open to diversity and capable of creating a future of their own choice.

ASG's motto is:

Development, interaction, participation and reflection characterize our daily performance.


VISION: ASG's vision stems from its belief in being rational and ethical on the one hand, and being a school of soul and spirit on the other; hence, a progressive school that invites wisdom by all means and adopts the constructive values of work and productivity. We are a live being, continuously in a process of growth.  Aligning with the variety of rapid changes taking place in the 21st century, to our best knowledge and choice, we aspire to be pioneers in walking ourselves uniquely through it, with the 22nd century at the tip of our fingers.  Today as we open the doors of our learning organization to communicate with a larger learning community, we embrace a dynamic dialectical process that will place us in the heart of the world.




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