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October 15, 2018
AFEDJ visit to the Diocese of Jerusalem and the Middle East.


Board of Trustees of the American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem have concluded an  eight-day visit to the Diocese of Jerusalem and the Middle East. Their visit was planned in order to meet and interact with a group of Diocesan institutions covering our healthcare and education ministries that are active and growing across the region in Jordan, West Bank and Gaza and Palestinian Institutions of 1948 Arabs in Israel. Over the period of 8 days (Oct 6-14), the 18-member delegation visited hospitals in Gaza Strip and Nablus, rehabilitation centers in Jerusalem and Jordan, and a hand full of Academic Schools in Palestine (Jerusalem and Ramallah) and in Jordan (Salt, Zarka and Marka). During their visit, the delegation had direct interactions with School management, students and faculty staff, doctors, nurses and patients of the different Diocesan institutions they visited.


The overall aim of this field visit was to gain hands on experience, get a brief history of the institutions AFEDJ and their partners support, see projects and programs that AFEDJ had contributed to, learn about the beneficiaries of the different Diocesan institutions served, learn about the social, political and economic realities that impact lives of the people who work at and are served by those institutions, learn about key successes and challenges facing those institutions in the provision of service delivery and more importantly, learn about priority needs for transformative projects that each diocesan institution needs to achieve objectives and mission.


The Eight day visit inspired and energized the group knowing that all the hard work we do within the different diocesan institutions leaves a great impact on the lives of so many that are forced to live in hardship and dire economic circumstances. My greatest admiration and appreciation goes to all staff and in the different positions, for their heroic work they do on behalf of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem and the Middle East.


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