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June 17, 2018
GAFCON visit to Jerusalem


On Sunday the 17th of June His Grace Suheil Dawani, Anglican Archbishop in Jerusalem, President Bishop of the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East, welcomed the GAFCON conference at St. George’s Cathedral in Jerusalem, were they joined in a service of Evensong. At the service there were more than 200 participants from the GAFCON conference, including more than 70 Bishops. After the service Archbishop Dawani held a standing reception. During the service his Grace also gave a homily in which he emphasized the importance of the church being one and working on it’s unity, especially since Jesus Christ said: “I ask... also on behalf of those who will believe in me through their word, that they may a;; be one (Jn 17: 20-21).”

On the next day Monday the 18th of June, his Grace Archbishop Dawani addressed the entire GAFCON Conference at the Convention Center in West Jerusalem. In the address his Grace informed the conference about the work the Anglican Diocese of Jerusalem does in the community through its 32 parishes, and over 30 institutions that focus on health and education. His Grace also explained to the conference some of the issues that the indigenous Christians, who have been in the Middles East since the day of Pentecost itself, are facing. One of these issues is the decrease in their presence, especially that in the mid 18 hundreds there were about 27% Christians in this area, and now they are only 1% of the population.

His Grace also talked about the central role that the Diocese of Jerusalem plays in working towards reconciliation, especially between the three Abrahamic faiths present here in Jerusalem. His Grace invited the GAFCON Conference to consider the three steps that are needed for unity and reconciliation. First, in order to face the enormous challenges of our time, and to work towards unity and reconciliation we need to be able to meet in dialogue and mutual respect.  Second, the community needs to be able to celebrate the differences that it has, and accept each other through seeing Christ in each other, and not by imposing our own image of Christ on each other. The final step towards unity and reconciliation, according to Archbishop Dawani is hospitality, since it is through hospitality that we can transform the exclusion of others to an embrace. 


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