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December 10, 2017
St George's Cathedral annual bazaar.


On 10th December 2017, St George's Cathedral held its annual bazaar raising c.£3184.40.  This year 50% of these funds will go to Cancer Treatment in Gaza (via the Diocese of Jerusalem, see: and 50% of the funds Education in Syria (via The Cass Appeal, see:  

Cancer treatment in Gaza is critical as currently any substantive treatment, including radiation therapy, can only be accessed through travelling to Jerusalem: the Anglican Church in partnership with MD Anderson, Houston (one of the leading research hospitals in the world), are seeking to implement cancer treatment at their hospital, the Al Ahli Arabi Hospital located in downtown Gaza City.  According to the World Health Organisation only 38% of those applying for a permit to leave Gaza for medical reasons are granted permission to leave.   Since 2011 there has been a significant increase in the rate of cancer cases to approximately 1600 newly diagnosed cases of cancer per year in Gaza; and - in comparison with neighbouring countries - there is a significant decrease in survival estimated to be only 5 years, due to a variety of reasons including an absence of radiothereapy treatment, inadequately trained staff, shortage of necessary drugs, and a lack of a comprehensive diagnostic service. The Al Ahli Hospital and MD Anderson hope to address this deficiency in the coming years.


Education in Syria: In Syria there has been a dramatic increase in the number of children who have been displaced, especially around Aleppo, who urgently need education and support.   The funds raised will help rehabilitate previously occupied school buildings, pay salaries for teachers and other staff, buy school kits and other necessary teaching materials. Crucially, staff will be qualified to provide psychological support to the most vulnerable children. The innocent and forgotten children of Syria, living in conflict zones for more than seven years, desperately need help.  Without the sanctuary of schools, many of these young children will become targets of violence, victims of indoctrination by extremists and vulnerable to recruitment by armed groups.

The Dean of St George's Cathedral, the Very Reverend Hosam Naoum said "Sunday was a wonderful day when our community came together despite there being so much difficulty and tension in the city.  Raising this amount of money we know will make a real difference to people who are suffering in our region and bring hope to their lives.  I am so grateful for all those - from both the Arabic and English Speaking congregations and other friends of the Cathedral - who put so much time and effort into this event.  It was great fun and I look forward to our bazaar next year."




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